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Sailing at Broad Leys

information on the yacht racing programme at WMBRC

The Club has a small but active sailing section and would welcome new sailing members.  We enjoy competitive but fun racing over a ten date series on a course in front of Broad Leys within the bay area south of Storrs Hall and across to Rawlinson’s Nab. 


Each race day starts with two back-to-back races followed, after a break for lunch, by one or more additional races.


We currently have a fleet of nine boats competing in our events when we have a full turnout. The majority are Beneteau 21.7’s which are ideal for the lake. However any member with a sailing boat who is interested in joining in should contact the Chair of Sailing for further details. We race for seven individual day trophies and two series trophies over the course of the season. Competition is close but is replaced by friendship and camaraderie off the water, once the final race of the day is won.


We can always find room on our boats for anyone interested in joining in. All that is required is an interest and decent balance! We will supply any necessary safety equipment. 
We know that being on the water isn’t for everyone and can always use additional help in the timing pier with our timing and start/finish team. Training would of course be given by our very experienced Officer of the Day.


There are some formalities to be observed in racing, around RYA rules, boat ID, lake registration and insurance requirements but these are generally light touch and all dealt with before any racing takes place on the first race day of the year.


When the focus is not on power boat racing and sailing, the well equipped foreshore is home to a wide range of other activities both on and off the water. The Club also maintains a busy social schedule throughout the year.


If you are interested in joining in, either on or off the water, please get in touch with the Club’s Sailing Secretary (contact details below) who will be delighted to welcome you along.

WMBRC boats crossing the start / finish line in front of Broad Leys

Sailing SR B = fotor-16-6 xe (1080 x 720).jpg

Club Sailing Calendar

Note:  Any races and events listed in bold italics have been added for information to members.  They do not form part of WMBRC’s social or yacht racing programme.  The Start Time for the first race of the day for both the Broad Leys Cup Series and Trophy Races is 12.00 hours.

Race Day
27 April 2024
Sail Day 1
18 May 2024
Sail Day 2
1 June 2024
Sail Day 3
22 June 2024
Sail Day 4
13 July 2024
Sail Day 5
27 July 2024
Sail Day 6
10 August 2024
Sail Day 7
31 August 2024
Sail Day 8
14 September 2024
Sail Day 9
5 October 2024
Sail Day 10


For more information on sailing at WMBRC please contact the Club's sailing secretary:

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