WMBRC has a small fleet Beneteau 21.7 & holds 10 club race days each year between April & October.

There is a day prize for each of the race days. In addition, the Broad Leys Sailing Trophy is awarded to the helm scoring the best results in 50% of the year's races.
Each race event starts with two back-to-back races, followed by a break for lunch, then one or more additional race in the afternoon. Racing is governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing published by the RYA as varied by the club's sailing instructions. 
Each participating boat must be insured with third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5,000,000, and be registered with the Lake District National Park Authority, and displaying the boat's registration number.  Competing boats must display a form of identification acceptable to the Race Committee: such as numbers on the mainsail and/or numbers affixed to both sides of the hull in the vicinity of the bow.
Skippers must ensure that all crew, who are not members of WMBRC, are signed in the guestbook which may be found on the foreshore. 
WMBRC has a varied social programme throughout the year in and around the clubhouse. The jetties & foreshore provide a wonderful place from which to sail and there is a small kitchen, toilets and shower facilities available.  There is limited trailer boat parking available to full members only at a separate annual fee. 
Any member or guest who is interested in sailing is welcome to join in a sailing event; and every effort will be made to enable them to crew on a boat. No previous experience is required and basic sailing kit is available. For those who prefer to remain shore based  there is the option of assisting with time keeping; an essential part of the day's events. 
For information about becoming a member please contact the Membership Secretary via the club address. 

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