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Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club

WMBRC Race Day Visitor Survey

Thank you for attending our racing event on Windermere.  Your feedback is invaluable in helping us and The Lake District National Park Authority understand our visitors better. Please take a few moments to complete the following survey:

Give Us Your Feedback
Please note that one form can be completed for the entire group.

1. How many people in your party?

2. How many of the following are in your party:

Club member local

Club member non-local

Non-member local

Non-member non-local

3.  How many of the following are in your party:

Under 18 years old

Aged 18 - 30

Aged 31 - 60

Over 60

4. How did you hear about this event?

5. Did you receive sufficient information about this event?

6. Have you travelled to Windermere specifically for this event?

7. If yes, how many miles have you travelled?

8. How did you travel here?

9. How long is your length of stay?

10. If you are staying overnight, what type of accommodation?

11. Where did you observe the racing from?

12. Was the noise level acceptable for this type of event?

13.  In your opinion was the event managed safely and paid regard to environmental issues?

14. Did the event make a positive difference to the enjoyment of the day?

15. Would you support future applications to hold specific race day events on the lake?

16. If you have any relevant comments please insert here:


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

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